Our Story

I was inspired to begin this consulting practice after years of working in various fields, from education, government, faith-based and secular nonprofit organizations and corporations.  In every organization, there was a need for those working together to develop mutual respect and trust.  In every position, I have ever held, I had the distinction of being a person in whom other would confide about problems in the workplace and beyond.  The most frequent concern voiced was that of not feeling respected/recognized as a part of the team.   The lack of respect and recognition was usually grounded in issues of race or gender, which led to dissatisfaction, disconnection and disruption in the workplace.


I invested a lot of time in trying to figure out how to respond to people, especially those who were in work situations trying to survive and unable to thrive. I believe employers who invest in developing workplace cultures where everyone feels valued and respected, reap the benefits from higher staff morale.


Transformation requires teamwork to identify issues, develop change management strategies,  and create workplace cultures  where everyone is has a sense of being  valued and respected.


Change is inevitable but greater organizational success can be achieved by establishing a culture that is intentional about identifying and meeting the needs of its team. The programs and services of Girton-Mitchell Associates, LLC are framed by the four it’s T.I.M.E. principles.

  • Transformation
  • Information
  • Motivation
  • Expectations


The application of these principles results in clients achieving greater success in meeting challenges and managing change. Transformation can be achieved based on the right information, motivation and expectations of reaching the stated goals.


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